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900mm Width


Dimension [mm]
(W x Dx H)

Weight [kg]

Air flow [m³/h]

Sound [dB]

Power consumption [W]
*Lighting LED light 3.5

Oil capturing ratio [%]

Ventilating (V) FR-CL1890VP

Recycling (R) FR-CL1890R

(V) 900 x 600 x 550-960

(R) 900 x 600 x 750-800

(V) 28/(R) 31

24-hour operation: (V) 250/(R) 250
Low: (V) 300/(R) 300
Middle: (V) 380/(R) 380
High: (V) 420/(R) 420
Stir-fry mode: V) 600/(R) 520
24-hour operation: (V) 32/(R) 40
Low: (V) 38/(R) 44
Middle: (V) 44/(R) 51
High: (V) 46/(R) 54
Stir-fry mode: (V) 53/(R) 57

24-hour operation: (V) 20/(R) 25

Low: (V) 30/(R) 39

Middle: (V) 48/(R) 69

High: (V) 62/(R) 94

Stir-frying mode: (V) 135/(R) 140

(V) 91%
(R) 94%

「Good Design Award」設計大獎。這是日本國內唯一綜合性的設 計評價與推薦制度,亦為亞洲地區最具權威性及影響力的設計獎項,其代表性的 G-Mark 標誌為優良設計產品的保證,廣受全球消費者的肯定與認同。

Sirocco fan


Oil Tray

Recifier Panel


High-speed spinning disk keep oil out

Easy to remove and easy to clean

Simply release the catch &pull backward

Oil Tray

Simply press & pull downwards 


Hydrophilic coating

Oil gets lifted from the surface by water thanks to the hydrophilic coat. 



Hydrophilic coating

Stainless steel surface

*If you keep cleaning frequently,simply place it under running water and use sponge to wash.

Cleaning reminder feature 

Cleaning lamp lights up according to the total running time of the cooker hood.
*Items to clean: Parts that can be removed and cleaned (oil tray & disk)
* Time when running for 24 hour mode does not count.
* Wipe off the rectifier panel and oil panel in normal daily care.

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