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Product Features

Advanced Technology

專利技術 Oil Smasher

Sirocco fan


Oil Tray

Recifier Panel

專利技術 Oil Smasher


The disk spins and catches most of the oil in fumes.
The oil on the disk spun off by centrifugal force and collects in the oil tray.

Model(s) equipped with this function:

Oil Smasher

General function


Easy to disassemble

Cleaning cooker hood is the most difficult problem for many users. Therefore,  FUJIOH's cooker hoods  are designed to be disassemble easily.

For the rectifier panel, screws which fixed the panel can be loosened by hand easily. Some are fixed with magnets and hooks, which can be easily removed and cleaned too.

For the filter, most of them can be removed with just a single click.

Coupled with the body oil-proof coating, cleaning is easier.


* For detailed disassembly methods, please refer to the bottom of each page of the range hood page.

Capture from
ALL direction


The rectifier panel can stabilize the air flow, effectively block the backflow of oil, and reduce the fire caused by dripping oil. With the design of the mechanical parts, it can collect the oil fume more effectively and comprehensively than the traditional range hood.



FUJIOH's filter is made of metal, which effectively cools down the oil fumes, collects oil efficiently and reduces the loss inside the hood. With well maintained, can be used permanently, no replacement needed. 

"Aqua Slit Filter" is a breakthrough in technology. It is made of innovative technology from Japan. Special with it's "hydrophilic coating". When the oil on "Aqua Slit Filter" in contact with water, it will float off the oil screen and be easily cleaned. At the same time corrosion resistance and rust prevention.




Hydrophilic coating

Stainless steel surface



Every design provide the BEST cooking experience for our customer.

All of the FUJIOH's cookerhoods are equipped with non-return valve . When the cookerhoods stops operating, the valve of the air return unit will be closed.


Also the rectifier panel and filter will help prevent the air from returning, and there is no need to worry about contaminated air entering the home.

Oil Capturing Ratio


FUJIOH's hoods do not compare the Revolution(s) Per Minute (RPM), but evaluates the efficiency of the hood by the oil capturing ratio.

First of all, the accessories used by each brands are different. Such as FUJIOH's hoods used sirocco fan instead of the ordinary fan, and combined with the precision design of  rectifier panel and filter which different from the other brands. This kind of technoloy greatly improves the efficiency of capturing oil fumes. So FUJIOH  do not compared with RPM.


FUJIOH's hoods only mention the oil capturing ratio, focusing on how much oil fumes being captured. Each FUJIOH's hoods will ensure an oil capturing ratio of 80%* or above, ensure to reduce body's inhalation of oil fumes, while reducing outdoor air pollution and improving air quality. Not only ptotect our health, but also our living environment.

80% above

*The oil capturing ratio is data obtained from rigorous testing in the laboratory of Fuji Industrial Co., Ltd.

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