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How to choose the most suitable cookerhood for my home?

Ventilating-type cookerhood:

Suitable for installation in general kitchens in Hong Kong. Ventilating-type cookerhoods need to install the exhaust pipe, so that the kitchen or indoor will not be full of oily smoke and stuffiness. If the cooking habit is mainly frying and deep-frying, and the lovers who cook strong-flavored foods, they can choose the ventilating-type cookerhood.

Recycling-type cookerhood:

Suitable for all kitchen installations. After cooking oil fume is drawn into the cookerhood, the circulating device will filter the remaining oil fume inside the machine. If the kitchen room itself does not have an exhaust hole to install the exhaust pipe, or the cooking habit is mostly steaming, boiling, or users who emit low fume and odor, they can choose a recycling-type cookerhood.

Models of recycling-type cookerhood:







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