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Highest Cookerhoods' productivity in JAPAN

Fuji Industrial Co.,Ltd caters to Asian cooking habits and designs oriented cooker hoods which can efficiently collect released cooking fumes, easier to clean inside and outside of the body, to break the traditional vertical pumping limitations.


FUJIOH's special guided rectifier panel uses the principle of thermal convection to design a wide range of comprehensive suction, which can fully guide the middle and four sides of the oil fume into the machine. Experiments show that the filter can filter about 80% of cooking fumes, making the inside and outside of the fuselage easier to clean. The surface of the filter is specially designed to prevent accumulation of grease, easy to clean, and can be use permanently if with will maintenance.

In addition, the FUJIOH's cooker hood adopts ultra-quiet power motors or special turbo motors, combined with sirocco fan and unique air duct design, which is extremely quiet and saves energy more effectively. In addition to the ccoker hood, FUJIOH also has built-in oven and hob, giving you a multi-level cooking experience.


FUJIOH have their own factory in Japan,
strict requirements from selection of materials to produce process.

Every fan need to pass the strict balance adjustment test to reduce noise 

       Fuji Industrial Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1941 and officially put into production in 1973. It  went on to become Japan's No.1* cooker hood amanufacturer of thedomestic market  share.

        With high technology, high quality and high efficiency, Fuji Industrial Co.,Ltd. has always been dedicated to tailor-made for different cooking habits around the world with the most advanced production equipment, suitable for local range hoods and related supporting products. Apart from excellent product appearance, the usage and efficiency can be guaranteed with the highest quality.

        Both FUJIOH and ARIAFINA range hoods are developed and produced by Fuji Industrial Co.,Ltd., Ltd. (Some FUJIOH's models are produced in China or Italy, and are designed and supervised by Fuji Industrial Co.,Ltd. to ensure the quality).  All FUJIOH cookerhoods have undergone meticulous and rigorous testing before leaving the factory to ensure that they meet FUJIOH's standards.

*Data resources: Fuji Keiai Marketing Research & Consulting Group "2017 Housing Construction Materials Marketing Handbook
"  (Results in 2016)


Each rectifier panel and body casing are specially treated which is convenient for users to clean and make the cooker hood more durable!

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