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Modern Kitchen
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900mm Width


(W x D x H)

Weight [kg]

Air flow [m³/h] (L/M/H)

Sound [dB] (L/M/H)

Power consumption [W]
*Including lights



(V) 900 x 630 x 715

(R) 900 x 630 x 715

(V) 26

(R) 27

(V) 370/450/555

(R) 350/430/520

(V) 38/43.5/48

(R) 42.5/47.5/52

(V) 70/90/115

(R) 70/85/115

Unique i-DROP filter system

Fluorine coated fan

Oil Tray

Easy-to-detach filter
(i-DROP part)

Cooking fumes

「Good Design Award」設計大獎。這是日本國內唯一綜合性的設 計評價與推薦制度,亦為亞洲地區最具權威性及影響力的設計獎項,其代表性的 G-Mark 標誌為優良設計產品的保證,廣受全球消費者的肯定與認同。
  • Collect all kinds of oil fume in extreme speed

  • The serrated surface in the central smoke flue efficiently captures fine oil droplets

Unique Japanese "RBP" Technology

  • High fume capture rate

  • Simple design

  • Hidden filter system

​Seamless Construction

  • Easy to clean

  • Smooth ventilation

Multiple colors

不鏽鋼 (SS)
瑪瑙黑 (TBK)
象牙白 (TW)
深海藍 (TBE)
琥珀棕 (TB)
寶石紅 (TRE)

*The picture is for reference only, and the color is subject to the actual product received.

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